Perfect Group International Holdings Limited
Profile: With over 20 years of experience in the industry, PERFECT GROUP INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS (HK) LIMITED is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters and is offering an extensive range of fine jewellery in 14k, 18k and Platinum. It is renowned for its innovative designs with flawless craftsmanship and is particularly well-known for the high quality invisible and micro-pave settings.

The experienced management in the Hong Kong headquarter together with skilled goldsmiths and well equipped Dongguan factory has enabled PJ to deliver the good-quality, stylish designs at competitive prices.

The Company has executed the customer-oriented strategy and strives to devote its attention in providing high quality products and on time delivery. Its strong sales team and professional designers have acquired customer's trust by furnishing excellent service and creating the right designs that meet individual needs. 

To be well aware of the trends in different markets; PJ actively participates in worldwide trade shows. It has successfully built up a professional image and extends its influence over the global jewellery markets.